Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finding Style, and a Smile

The components of style and design are present in every aspect of our lives these days. How beautiful is that? What used to be out-of-reach to many of us is now accessible for our homes and for our families. I get out of my Dwell-for-Target sheets in the morning, drink coffee out of a MoMA mug, water my flowers in their Martha-Stewart-for-Macy’s pots with a pink Cynthia-Rowley-for-Target hose, get dressed in a Vera-Wang-for-Kohl’s outfit that looks like it’s fresh out of a fashion magazine, and outfit my toddlers in True Religion designer-denim jeans. I’ve taken a very big slice from the style-for-everyone pie the stores are dishing out.
What I’ve seen though, is not just how the style cues are absorbed and integrated into our daily routines but what that style does for our routines. In our increasingly busy, scheduled lives, design provides touch points of inspiration, fun and a sly smile for something that makes your day better. If I can eek out a little bit of extra joy in life between errands, work and life—then serve me another slice!