Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We've Moved!

Bebe au Lait's Blog has moved from Blogger (http://bebeaulait.blogspot.com/) to a new blog on our own web server (http://www.bebeaulait.com/blog/)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bebe au Lait

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Secret to a Quick, Put-Together Look

Two things ladies. Sunglasses and a great, trench-length coat. My one purchase this year for Fall/Winter (I like to add in 2-3 pieces typically, but the r-word is in full effect) is this Trovata coat. Yes, it's cream colored. I coated it in Scotch Guard and carry a Tide Pen in my handbag + the kids know when mommy's wearing her "fancy coat". I love it because you slip it over whatever cozy clothes you may have, add in some boots and big sunglasses and then your lack of makeup and un-perfected hair stand a chance of going unnoticed! Here are two celeb moms and their go-to coats: one of Claudia Schiffer and the other is Salma Hayek--who both look outstanding.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Perfect Toddler-Friendly Halloween Craft: The Knife-Free Jack-O-Lantern

We wanted something fun for our Play Group to celebrate Halloween that would be interesting for us, fun for the kids, and easy to do so we could pass along the idea to our friends. Inspired by a Matthew Mead idea from his amazing book of Halloween ideas called Halloween Tricks and Treats, we created the Knife-Free Jack-O-Lantern Party.

The Prep: 3 days prior to event.
(1) Find small-medium sized pumpkins that don't have super deep grooves and still have some stem.
(2) Prop them up on rocks or wood on a newspaper-covered area and paint them with spray-on chalkboard paint in black (from Home Depot or other paint store). We used one spray paint can to cover our five pumpkins. Let dry for 36 hours.
(3) We made cookies (Banana-Chocolate Chip from Martha Stewart) and bought Halloween candy to create a happy, sugared frenzy for our craft. You can make the cookie dough ahead of time, freeze it, then thaw day-of and bake.

The Party:
(1) Cover the table with a drop cloth or machine washable tablecloth.
(2) We created a station of pumpkin, treats, and tools for each child and had them some to the Play Group already in their costumes (which they readily wore before Halloween!).
(3) Introduce them to the spooky black pumpkins and have one for yourself, &/or each mom and dad, and put chalk to pumpkin to create your own design. Note: you can erase and start over, but the black paint does chip off a bit, so you might want to have a chalkboard eraser handy. This can also be fun, letting the kids do more than one design if they don't like the first.

Success! We had a great time with kids ranging from age 2-8. And every neighbor has already stopped by to see if the black pumpkins on my front porch are real. Great fun.

Send us pictures of yours and we'll post some of them: Halloween@BebeAuLait.com

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jolie Breastfeeding

As a mother of twins, I can tell you with 100% assurance that it is not easy to keep up with breast-fed babies who are on the same feeding schedules. And as a mother of now 3-year old twins who are so healthy in many ways, I can say with 100% assurance that it's worth it and I'm thankful (with extra thanks to Renee my post-natal doula) that I could make it all work for them because it was challenging in many ways. So here's kudos to Angelina Jolie who is apparently not only breastfeeding Knox and Vivienne but also promoting it.